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Expert Solutions for LLC Company Formation in Dubai

OnTime Business Setup can guide you through the process of forming a Limited Liability Company (LLC), under United Arab Emirates (UAE) law, in the department of Dubai Economic Development or Free Trade Zones. With our experience and expertise, entrepreneurs who are seeking to establish a company in the UAE, can expect a smooth and efficient end-to-end process for LLC company formation in Dubai.

  • Top reasons to setup an LLC Company

    The formation of LLC companies offers a number of advantages, making it the most preferred business structure among many foreign investors. Its key corporate benefits include the following:

    • Entrepreneurs / investors gain access to a larger market (Dubai and other Emirates)
    • LLC companies are 100% tax exempted.
    • LLC companies benefit from 100% repatriation on capital and profits.
    • Easier access to global corporate banking accounts.
    • Eligibility to open limitless number of offices and properties in the UAE.
    • Residence visa to investors and their families.

  • Essential requirements of LLC formation

    Local Sponsor Partnership

    If you establish an LLC, it will allow you to sell goods and services into the local market directly, although you require a local sponsor in Dubai who must have 51% Share Capital. You will be given 49% Share Capital as per the regulations. However, it is important to note that this does not mean that the local sponsor is entitled to a profit share, or that your local sponsor in Dubai is required to make a monetary investment. You may choose to shoulder the capital under the name of your local sponsor. The number of individuals required for LLC company formation in Dubai ranges from two to 50; they may acquire the status of “Investor” upon setting up the company.

    Trade Name Registration

    Having the right name for your company and business is important in determining your future success. The brand and corporate image you will build and cultivate will be hinged on this. In this phase, we will help you secure the Trade Name you want for your business and protect it from others wanting a similar name.

    Trade Licensing

    Once your company (the legal entity) has been established, you will be required to apply for a trade license to conduct business operations in the country. The three general categories of trade licenses are:

    a.) commercial licenses for all trading operations.
    b.) industrial licenses for all industrial and manufacturing-related companies.
    c.) professional licenses for service providers, craftsmen, artisans, and other professionals.

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